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Personal and professional development training and community programs for all ages.

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personal training

all Ages

GameOn! Fitness offers one-on-one personal trainers that create and deliver safe and effective exercise programs. You’re never alone in the process. GameOn! Fitness supports you through every step of your journey – working with you from your current fitness level to map out a plan to reach your goals.


Private & Group Training

All Ages

GameOn! Fitness offers private and group scheduled training session in combination with healthy eating recommendations to help you achieve your lifelong health and wellness goals. Check out our website and follow us on social media to learn about upcoming classes and programs.

School & community Programs

serving baltimore city & surrounding areas

GameON! Fitness is dedicated to providing active and healthy classrooms for Baltimore City Public Schools and the surrounding area. We offer year long, after school, summer sessions, plus one-time sessions focused on health, wellness, nutrition and movement. We believe that children need play and health during the day in school. We encourage healthy play and nutrition for students and assist schools with encouraging parents and teachers to engage in wellness and movement.

Character Building & Mindfulness Coaching

serving baltimore city & surrounding areas

GameOn! Fitness offers character building and mindfulness coaching through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs, reflection and introspection practices, guided meditation, breathing and thought process, positive character traits development, and more.

health & fitness pop-ups

serving baltimore city & surrounding areas

GameOn! Fitness works with local businesses and organizations to establish health and fitness rooms and pop-ups that serve the community. We partner with our community leaders to understand, design, train, and staff each location to deliver dynamic and engaging health and fitness services.

Our core Values

Strength &

Diet & Nutrition


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Our Youth

GameOn! Fitness – Love The Process

There is a pressing need for better health and wellness, nutritional intelligence, and improved clarity and focus (mindfulness) in Baltimore City. GameOn! Fitness provides personal training, fitness sessions, and character-building services for all ages.

Our services include structured recess programs, character development coaching through Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs, public and private group workouts, and nutritional awareness to support clean living and a balanced lifestyle.

Our clients learn healthy eating, exercise, and mindfulness. GameOn! Fitness also provides health/wellness classes within Baltimore City Schools and other after-school programming. We administer sports seminars that include tennis, basketball, baseball, running, walking clubs, and more.

We help build community while cultivating a culture of health and activity. Clients who have experienced our services are more conscious of what goes into their bodies and have a deeper understanding of physical activity and personal growth. Through our sessions, participants experience weight loss, reach health goals, and in some cases, a total life transformation.

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