School & Community Programs

At GameOn!Fitness our primary mission is to help build community while cultivating a culture of health, physical, and mental fitness for the purpose of growing healthy humans. This mission starts with our school and community programming. Our vision is to grow better humans by providing key building blocks of life, knowledge, perseverance, guile, commitment, understanding, survival skills, and determination through wellness coaching. This is our core.

Our current programming includes:

  • Recess Support Program – GameOn! Fitness has run Restorative Recess and Gametime Coaches since 2014. The program offers multi-faceted recess programs across Baltimore City Schools that focus on student participation, behavioral improvement, and increased social learning; through interactive games, which all youth can take part.
  • Healthy & Active Character Development – GameOn! Fitness has taught Active and Healthy Pay through character development since 2014. We have partnered with Judy Center to teach our youngest scholars KRA skills and motor education. Through instructional and imaginative play, we build character, positive behavior, discipline, and respect for classmates and teachers.
  • Wellness Rooms – GameOn! Fitness provides wellness rooms in educational facilities across the state. GameOn! Wellness Rooms are designed to assist students and educators who need a moment to practice self-care, re-group,and bring about the balance needed to perform and learn at an optimum pace. Currently GameOn! Fitness hosts wellness rooms in 10 Baltimore City Public Schools.
  • Summer Camp Programs – During the six-week camp, Game-on! Fitness produces activities that are key in developing mental acuity through play including board games and interactive small group activities. Exercises are also infused into the program that develops physical agility, flexibility, and st. Students are introduced to healthy eating to improve daily nutrition.
  • Curated & Specialized Programs – Every school or community organization is challenged with needs that are specific to the populations that they serve. GameOn! Fitness will work with schools and community organizations to develop and curate a curriculum that is specific to your needs. One size does not fit all. We are here to help you evaluate your needs, develop a plan, and create a program specialized for you. 
  • Developmental Sports Leagues – GameOn! Fitness has organized sports leagues in Baltimore City Public Schools since 2006. Our partnerships have included Parks & Recs, Parks & People Foundation, Living Classrooms, and more. Development of good sportsmanship, skill building, and strong character is our goal using a holistic approach. Each session connects physical skills with these ideals, creating strong athletes and team players.

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Staff Training Workshops/Team Building

Staff Training Workshops/Team Building – GameOn! Fitness also provides targeted staff training for institutions that are interested in learning the specialized techniques used in our programming. In addition to training, we also offer staff development and team building programs.

We have worked with teams all over the City of Baltimore and beyond to train teachers, co-workers, fitness professionals, and more. We have partnered with other organizations to train their staff on team building and character development programs for their own populations, as well as, joined in to execute those programs.

Some of the organizations we have partnered with include Baltimore City Recreation & Parks, Parks & People, and Living Classrooms.

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