Training Programs

Personal, Private and Group Training

Personal Training

At GameOn!Fitness our personal trainers are here to help you get to your personal best. Because personal best is different for everyone, your first session is an evaluation & assessment meeting where we will determine your status for endurance, your needs, and your goals. Once determined we will develop a personalized fitness plan that will take you incrementally to each goal post until your goal is reached.

Fitness goals are different for everyone. Whether you are planning your workouts around a specific event like a wedding or other milestone, working to prepare yourself for a challenge like a marathon or other sporting event, or looking to increase your level of fitness for everyday life challenges, we will create a plan that works for you.

The benefits of working with GameOn! Fitness include:

  • personalized training plans;
  • access to free group workouts;
  • access to nutritional counseling including information about veganism;
  • scheduling flexibility; and
  • in-home or on-campus training.

To get more information or to schedule your evaluation and assessment please complete the form below or contact us at

Private & Group Training

If you are looking for a workout that takes into account your personal fitness needs but you are not ready to schedule personal training, take a look at our private group training opportunities.  Are you a part of a group getting together for vacation? Or, maybe part of a wedding party where everyone is looking to get in shape for the big event together, then private and group training may be the right program for you.

We have helped groups of friends and family members work towards and achieve common goals through Private Group Training at affordable rates by working together. Join in on one of our regularly scheduled sessions or create a specialized schedule for your group.  This is an all-ages workout routine good for all fitness levels.

Benefits of working with GameOn! Fitness includes:

  • scheduling flexibility;
  • access to nutritional counseling;
  • access to occasional free group workouts; and
  • personalized group goal plans.

To get more information or to schedule your private group training, please complete the form below or contact us at

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